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Balochi Film “Sheero is back”

“Sheero is Back” is a Balochi comedy movie released in March, 2017

Movie Cast, Crew and Credits

Directer: Ali Bux Dad Asst Directer :Kamalan Babagar..Story: Hafeez Lal..Dialogues: Tariq Ryad / Jamal Baloch..Make up: Sadiq Sahir..Lyrics: Pullan Umer..Lyrics:Mukthar Zaid…Lyrics: Rafiq Murad…Lyrics: Bahad Aslam..Singer: Waris Bezinjo…Singer: Bahad Aslam…Singer Younis…Singer: Shezad Rahim..Background Music: Ustaad Dadallah..Composer: Javed Baloch..D.O.P: Tahir Hassan

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